What You Can Do To Boost Office Productivity During COVID-19

Starting a business is one thing, but running a business is another ball game altogether. Especially now, due to the global pandemic and the safety measures implemented by the government, most businesses will need to move from their office space for lease into their private homes.

Whilst it may seem like a smooth progression, many are finding it difficult to have the same level of productivity and efficiency as when they were in the office.  That said, we are lucky to have lived in a space and time wherein working remotely is indeed possible. To capitalise on this opportune moment, here are a few tips and tricks to boost work productivity whilst you stay safe by preventing the spread of coronavirus.

1. Apply The ROWE Mindset

Working remotely calls for flexibility as you can no longer separate your private life and your public life since you’re bringing your work into your personal home. Thus, it’d be best if your business model adapts to this change by adopting a fresh and flexible perspective.

The ROWE method stands for Results-Only Work Environment. Developed by Cali Ressler and Jody Thompson, this concept allows you to quantify and measure the performance of your team members and employees by their results and not their presence. This gives them autonomy not only to their projects, but also to their time. With the ROWE method, it allows your team to complete their tasks whenever and however they choose to, just as long as they meet the objectives. This method is especially beneficial for those who need to balance their private matters, for instance, working parents and caretakers. It helps to lessen the burden on their end whilst still contributing to the business.

2. Remove Distractions – Create An At-Home Office

The fact that it’s harder to create a distinct separation between private and public life will, no doubt, affect one’s productivity. There are tons of distracting temptations – Netflix, your cosy bed and surprisingly, house chores! There’s always something to distract you, akin to an itch you need to scratch.

Thus, it’s important to create a sense of boundary in the best of your abilities! Remove all forms of distractions by creating an at-home office. Place a table and chair at the corner of a room with ample sunlight, and you will immediately feel more alert and more productive. Ensure that there’s nothing else can take your attention away and keep your corner nice and tidy!

3. Set A To-Do List

This is a given. Whilst there is flexibility from working remotely, you and your team need to get the job done, lest your business lags behind others. Make a to-do list and jot down the tasks you’ll have to complete by the next deadline. That said, there are several important factors to take into consideration. You will need to keep in mind time blocks when your team and clients will need you, say for meetings and the like. On that tangent, start your mornings by checking your emails and make the necessary phone calls before completing your tasks on your own time.

4. Apply The Pomodoro Technique

Not a stranger to productivity, the Pomodoro technique is a proven time blocking method used by many. It requires you to do work for 25 minutes and taking a break for the next 5. The idea is to break down the tasks into smaller chunks and focus on one singular task without shifting your focus or multi-tasking. Whilst the clock is ticking, you’ll also have a sense of urgency, which builds higher levels of willpower and concentration. The 5 minutes break will allow you to recalibrate, somewhat a restart button to replenish your energy to concentrate on the next task at hand.

5. Try A Zero-Based Calendar

If you find that the ROWE system is too spontaneous for you and you’re in need of a system that gives you a semblance of control, you can opt for a zero-based calendar. To use a zero-based calendar, you’ll start by budgeting a specific time block to do your tasks and recreational activities, respectively. This is useful, especially if you wish to keep track of your progress throughout the day. The act of jotting down your tasks and dedicating specific time blocks allow you to register the time needed to complete the tasks given visually.


Whilst we are not able to serve you during this pandemic, we hope you can maintain your productivity and not only manage your business, but to also expand and experience growth. Whilst we do our part to help curb the spread of the virus by being socially responsible, we hope to serve you once the curve has already flattened. Together, let’s overcome this difficult period!

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