Going On Board For Family Bonding – 4 Planning Tips

Nothing beats the feeling of being able to unwind with your family after months of working tirelessly. Why not take your unwinding experience to a new level? After all, you deserve every bit of it for working hard at work every day.

For instance, imagine being able to relax with your family, onboard a yacht for the weekend. Especially with the many ways to strengthen the bonds with your family onboard a yacht – you can expect a swell of a team ahead of you! As such, this is why some families never fail to charter one every holiday or for a yacht birthday party.

If you think it is too good to be true, then keep reading on to learn the various ways in which you can create unforgettable memories with your family on a private yacht charter.

Plan your itinerary

It is essential to include your kids and other family members while planning the activities you will be doing onboard the yacht! After all, one of the surefire ways to strengthen family bonds is by doing new activities together.

When boarding a yacht, you can expect to try out a variety of events – be it sightseeing or island hopping. If you include your family members in the activities, you would easily be able to get them invested and looking forward to the yacht charter experience.

But to take extra precaution, in light of COVID-19, make sure to check with the yacht company for any restrictions.

Meanwhile, if you would like to go the extra mile, feel free to encourage your family members to decide the event’s colour code as it builds a sense of unity; which eventually adds to the yacht’s bonding experience!

Organise fun activities

For many, chartering a yacht is not an everyday thing. It typically is for an event like a birthday, wedding or just a special day set aside to bond with friends and family.

Therefore, it is crucial that you make the most out of your time while on the yacht. A straightforward way to ensure that everyone is in the moment and enjoying each other’s company is by setting their phones aside. Not only will this promote more quality conversations, but it will also contribute to better memories built by the end of the day!

If you have young kids, you could even teach them how to relax by just taking in the beauty of the scenery in front of them or even take the lead in jumping in the water with them.

You could even include themed events like a Christmas family party, pirate night – depending upon your family’s preferences!

Don’t restrict your culinary desires

While onboard water, why not add to the experience by having seafood? You can request for the crew to prepare scrumptious dishes involving various plates of seafood.

Eating together is one of the best ways to cultivate a tight knit family bond so ensure all your family members are present for the meal. While setting the menu, consider the food allergies, some of your family members might have to not cause them any discomfort on the trip from allergic reactions.

Invite the grandparents

If you have not got the chance to visit your grandparents in the last few months, this is the perfect way for you to make up for the lost time.

You could even invite your extended family, especially since we ar licensed to accept bookings of up to 30 guests.

Keep these four handy tips in mind while planning for your next family trip on a luxurious yacht. Remember to pick a yacht that can accommodate all your needs to hold the best family day and create long-lasting memories amidst the tranquility of the waters!

Meanwhile,  Phase 3 promotions is up for grabs and open to the public, so if you’re keen on trying out a yacht experience – feel free to check in with us for more details!

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