Cheers To A Deep Slumber: 5 Useful Tips On World Sleep Day

With the annual World Sleep Day fast approaching on March 13th, it’s time to remind ourselves of why sleep is essential. People would be wise to view sleep as a pillar of health and quality of life. Not only is the World Sleep Day a celebration of sleep, it is also calling action to our sleep problems, allowing us to better prevent and manage our sleep issues.

Having a healthy sleep also enables us to perform our best in our personal and professional lives. Insufficient sleep can contribute to the productivity and effectiveness in the workplace, and impact the risk of potential health problems. It’s time to tackle bad sleep habits and practise a sleep routine to help you get a good night’s rest – starting with 5 of our tips below!

Tip 1: Picking out the right mattress for your needs

Did you know that having the right mattress can prove essential towards good back health and promoting good sleep? In fact, the mattress you sleep on is directly responsible to your overall sleep! As we spend one-third of our lives in bed, picking out the right mattress is important. Consider your personal needs and the sleep issue you have been facing when deciding on what is the best mattress for you. If you’re suffering from constant back pain while you sleep, Chiropractic mattress can do wonders while also providing the best sleep possible!

Tip 2: Choosing the right mattress material

Mattress material can prove essential when it comes to providing good sleep! For example, pillow-top mattresses are soft and comfortable, making deep and good sleep possible every night! Pocketed spring mattresses with a memory foam layer offer a high level of support for you while conforming to every inch of the body for pressure relief. Chiro-series, which features the double offset LFK spring material, offers luxurious deep sleep as a mattress for back pain. With the right material, you can find the perfect mattress for your needs!

Tip 3: Sleeping position and bed firmness

One of the major impacts of good and healthy sleep is down to your sleeping posture. Poor posture can potentially lead to fatigue, impaired circulation, muscle cramping and neck pain. If you aren’t sure, it is always best to experiment with different sleeping positions. Some of the best positions include the fetal position, on your side, and on your back. To enhance your chosen sleeping position, you should pick out a bed of suitable firmness. Mattresses Crown Pinnacle sports the high density visco elastic foam, giving you comfort and support when it comes to contour and pressure relief in different positions! With suitable mattress firmness, your chosen sleeping position can be enhanced and avoid any back discomfort.

Tip 4: Make your bedroom sleep-focused

In a well-designed bedroom, you will find that falling asleep can be simple and easy! But, how do you go about doing it? By bringing your five senses to the forefront of your bedroom design. Good sleep can be assured by plugging your ears with soothing, natural sounds while, or employing the use of aromatherapy to calm your senses. Even little things such as using blackout curtains to block out the lights coming from outside the window can assure and promote good sleep for your body!

Tip 5: Sleep cool

Singapore’s hot weather at night can be a cause for lack of sleep, especially when you are sweating and feeling discomfort while sleeping. There are many ways to combat this, such as taking a bath or utilising a thermostat! What is most important is to ensure that you lower your core body temperature, making it easier for you to achieve good sleep and better rest. Coupled with gel-infused memory foam mattress, you will rarely feel the heat at night when you sleep. It features cooling technology to disperse body heat while adapting to your body for better posture during sleep.

Sleep better at night

Thanks to World Sleep Day, more and more Singaporeans can better understand the importance of sleep in a rapidly-changing world. This annual event reminds us that no matter what we do, we should always place priority over our body and health. Take a step forward to a healthier sleep. Choose from a selection of Chiropedic to Cooling Mattresses to fit your specific needs – they can fit into a storage bed too and give you excellent comfort and function. Your commitment to rest, renew and recharge can be the cornerstone of a life well-lived.

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