Skills To Master For Quicker Guitar Playing

Just as important as it is to learn important guitar techniques and tips, so it is to also be able to start playing quickly for most beginners. In this guitar lessons for kids and to help beginners achieve their desire to begin playing quickly, here are three goals to aim for:

  • Learn some open position chords: open position chords are chords that are played using only the first three frets on the guitar. Search for all open position chords starting with C and ending with B.
  • Learn how to strum with rhythm: There are just two strums used to play rhythm on the guitar and these are (1) Up (2) Down. Strumming is basically playing the whole strings on the guitar at once, while holding down some strings to create a pleasant sound.
  • Learn how to change chords: Learn how to finger the chords properly and cleanly, leaving you with a less muddy and pleasant sound. The challenge for most beginners is achieving a balance between the hand strumming and knowing the shape of the chords to play next.

If you can do the above three, you would be on your way to playing your favourite singapore songs, really fast. Songs are basically series of notes or chords played together on an instrument.

The cool thing about music is that with just four chords, you can play literally thousands  upon thousands of songs. Most of the songs you hear are only written with four chords which are repeated over and over again.

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