Revitalise Your Home During COVID-19 By Reorganising

The global pandemic has taken a toll on many – News channels, and social media sites are all filled with COVID-19 updates, and the initial Circuit Breaker initiative has led to stress and anxiety.

However, with the recent news regarding the launch of Phase 2, to help get the economy back on the right track – most are feeling less of the tension and are elated to be able to meet their friends and resume the usual activities; be it swimming, shopping or dining in.

But the virus is still lurking out there, and some are still in a state of paranoia at the thought of it. So, knowing this – how can you combat these issues and maintain your mental and physical health amidst all this? One way to do is by cleaning your home and transforming it into a comfortable living space!

After all, staying all day indoors means that the only place you’re probably familiar with for now is your very own, humble abode. It’ll be best to ensure its cleanliness, throw in some elements to maintain productivity, and keep yourself healthy and happy.

This time round, with the present COVID-19 pandemic, our direction of the article will be focusing on how to transform your space – rather than the usual apartments on fully furnished apartments for rent. Keep reading on the various tips of how to switch up your space and environment!

Create a workspace

Many employees who are not under essential services are working from home.

While the thought of it may sound relaxing, working from the comfort of your bed or couch (if you have no work desk or study table) can turn out to be a hectic experience.
It’s easy to get distracted by your phones, family members, pets, and many other factors.

So, the first step to boost productivity is by organising your workspace. Arrange your documents, laptop, and other office equipment on a clean desk. Remove all the items that distract you and affect your concentration.

At the same time, give your family members a heads up to avoid disturbing you while you’re in the middle of work. These little steps will help to make the environment a whole lot more conducive!

Renovate your living room

Change doesn’t always have to be big – you can always take baby steps and make little changes here and there!

Especially when a proper renovation is not practical in times of crisis, the least you can do is make a few minor arrangements.

But before you get down to business and start with your little “renovation” – be sure to clean your living room. Vacuum it thoroughly and remove dirt and grime from the windows, floors, walls, and furniture. Also, try to maximise the space by removing clutter and unnecessary items.

Now, you can move forward with renovating!

Try to rearrange your couch, chairs, and coffee tables for a unique and cosy interior space. Place scented candles to revive your living room, and to add a cosy touch – try different lights!

There are many ways you can spruce up your space – simply rely on Google or insightful sites like Pinterest for inspiration.

Take care of your health

When people mention “health”, most people’s minds will immediately jump into exercising and keeping fit.

While your overall physical health should be regarded with high importance, so does your mental and skin health! One’s mental state of health determines the mood and the way one is feeling, which can drastically lower your productivity or lead to feelings of negativity.

So, socialising, engaging in hobbies, and getting ample rest is just as crucial in keeping ourselves healthy!

Meanwhile, our skin health too, holds much importance. Turns out our skin is like a form of barrier which keeps our body safe from invasion by bacteria and various other harmful environmental hazards. Unusual, dark moles could be a warning sign of skin cancer while a yellow tint may mean you would have contracted liver disease.

Either way, it may be time to take better care of your skin as well.

What could a better way to rejuvenate your mind than turning your space or bathroom into a spa? All you need is some DIY skincare and beauty treatments to pamper yourself!

Many DIY skincare masks can refresh your skin and remove the dead skin cells. So, take a shower, try different DIY skincare and cosmetic treatments, and soothe your skin.

A global crisis is never an easy time for anyone. And now that we have to resort to staying in our homes to keep ourselves safe – it may do you well to modify your home a little to make it more pleasant.

In the meantime, fully serviced apartments will still continue with its normal operations. Existing housemates can still enter our serviced apartments, but are highly urged to comply with the Circuit Breaker measures and rules to help curb the crisis. Once the situation has improved or is fully under control, if you would like to rent a service apartment with us – feel free to do so by contacting us! Meanwhile, keep yourselves safe and healthy!

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