Improve Your Grasp In The English Language By Reading

If you’ve just signed up for an IELTS in Singapore, brace yourself for tons of reading homework. If it’s not your first time to enrol for IELTS classes, you could be wondering why the teacher just keeps giving reading homework.

The answer is simple, it’s for your benefit.  Read on and find out why the teacher gives you plenty of reading homework.

Reading Makes for Smart Learning

Many people say that the brain is a muscle, and we exercise it by reading. As much as we remember more of what we see and hear, reading has been proven as a timeless, good way to exercise our brains.

Reading requires patience, determination, and diligence. Wholesome texts such as books, poems and other materials your IELTS teacher assign as homework will boost your cognitive abilities. So, you become smarter as you read.

Reading Increases Students’ Exposure to the Language

When you read books and other materials, you expose yourself to a wide range of techniques.  There are many expressions that the IELTS teacher couldn’t possibly cover during your short English lessons. Reading exposes you to various expressions and enhances your ability to express your thoughts in English without the need to resort to your primary language.

Extensive reading will help you become familiar with lots of English techniques such as idioms, and similes. It is a great plus if you are facing an IELTS general training test in Singapore.

It Improves your Vocabulary

When you rely only on the teachers’ presentations, your knowledge of vocabulary is limited. The content for IELTS classes can only contain so many words.

Since your brain can take in as much as 12 new words each day, it’s clear that you need more than the English classes to master vocabulary.

The more you read, the more you build your vocabulary. But, to make new words stick, make sure that you use them in a conversation and in written expressions within two days.

It Enhances Learners’ Competence

As you strive to comprehend the content in the books and materials in your homework, you also learn how to use new words and expressions in everyday conversations. In other words, you become a more competent or proficient user of the English language.

Now, that’s great especially if you’ve already booked your IELTS test in Singapore. The grading is based on proficiency.

The more you read, the easier it becomes to automatically recognise, and understand more words, decode writing techniques and other symbols. Your ability to comprehend and express yourself in English will soar.

Reading Helps to Build Your Confidence and Motivates You to Read Some More

Ever heard of a regenerating motivator? Well, reading is one, and it’s perfect for students of the English language.  As you have seen in the points above, reading makes you smarter. It exposes you to different expressions in English, enhances your vocabulary and improves your competence. These three aspects are vital for your confidence.

That means, the more you read, the more you can participate in English conversations without the fear of embarrassment and, the more you have to talk about. As your confidence grows, the better you can perform in any English test, including the IELTS test in Singapore.

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