Flyers Or Tissue Paper: Which Ads Are Right For You?

When running a business, there comes a time where you’d want to advertise something, such as promoting your product or service. But before you can start planning, you’d need to choose between the many types of advertising. From TV commercials to print ads, you’re definitely spoilt for choice.

Here, we’d be focusing on tissue paper advertisements and flyers!

Each one has its pros and cons. While flyers are easier to produce, tissue paper ads have a higher retention rate. These are just one of the many factors to consider when choosing between the two. Read on as we weigh out the advantages and disadvantages below!


Flyers are a common sight to see in Singapore.

If you want to deliver your message effectively, maintain an appropriate amount of white space so as to not overwhelm the flyer with too much information! For those who are in a rush, succinct pieces of information would be more comprehensive.

Flyers are easier to produce as companies can get it printed the day before, so, it allows for last-minute changes! While the cost is dependent on the size or quality of the paper, flyers are relatively inexpensive.

On the other hand, flyers might look cheap, which does not reflect well on your business. For example, if you’re showcasing a luxurious product on low quality and dull piece of paper, then the receiver might not take your word for it. So, it’s best to make sure that your message is in tune with the promotional material.

Tissue paper advertisements

Tissue paper advertisements are less likely to be rejected, as people see a use for it.

It has a high retention rate which ensures that your message will be read at least once. Similar to flyers, it’s best to keep your message straightforward by not overloading the tissue with unnecessary information. From wallet to cardboard, there are also many types of custom tissue packs for you to choose from.

Meanwhile, tissue paper advertisements are slightly more expensive as compared to flyers. The price is also dependent on various factors, like the type of tissue packs to the quality of tissues. When it comes to distributing them, it might be a bit bulky to bring around a bag full of tissue packs. Take note that issue packets will get thrown away eventually, so invest time and research into an impactful copy and visual that’ll leave an impression even after disposal!

The final decision

When making the decision between flyers and tissue paper ads, it’s dependent on factors such as your budget.

You can go creative with the design or usage, by sliding in discount vouchers for receivers to use when they purchase your product or service. Moreover, the distribution of both flyers and tissue paper advertisements is more straightforward as you do not need to pay for any sort of location rental. If you know your target audience well, you’d be able to distribute them at areas they usually frequent. For example, if it’s for the working population, then you’re most likely to distribute them around the central area.


Ultimately, your message is the most essential factor! Regardless of the type of methods you select, there is no right or wrong answer.

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