6 Ways to Prepare for an Outdoor Wedding in Unknown Weather

Any event organiser worth their salt is aware that the success of an event—particularly when it comes to outdoor weddings—can be at the mercy of the weather sometimes. Singapore’s tropical climate and temperamental weather have made meticulous planning essential for outdoor weddings, especially since failing to do so could spell trouble for organisers and guests alike.

After all, be it a light drizzle or a full-on downpour, unexpected rain often has the tendency to bring things to a halt, leaving guests drenched and effectively ruining a couple’s big day. While stormy weather is certainly no one’s ideal wedding forecast, it is, undoubtedly, the one thing that’s out of your control. As much as the associated difficulties cooperating with the nature, here’s what to do ahead of time to ensure that the show goes on in rain or shine.

Rent a tent or marquee
Bad weather in the form of rain or strong gusts of wind can utterly hinder any event, hence engaging event tent rental or a luxurious glasshouse marquee that can provide shelter from the elements for guests is much advisable. There are plenty of other benefits in doing so too—whether it’s decorating opportunities in line with your wedding theme or the comfort offered by having proper shade from the blazing sun overhead. If the wedding venue is too warm for comfort, enclosing the area would also allow for air-conditioners to be installed, ensuring that wedding guests are not overly-bothered by the heat. Furthermore, by deploying either a marquee or tent, guests attending the outdoor wedding ceremony will be able to continue enjoying the activities planned regardless of the weather.

For brides and grooms who really want to fully embrace the outdoors, having a hexagon or mongolia marquee as a backup plan instead can still save you a headache. There’s no need to worry about the walls of the tent obstructing your guests’ view of the greenery or the sea either—simply ask for glass wall or transparent canvas to be fabricated instead! What’s more, the tentage can also function as one of your temporary space solutions to store props or logistics that are needed for the wedding. Otherwise, try to ensure that there’s an indoor or covered outdoor option that are ready for the move-in.

Prepare sheltered walkways
In the case of wet weather, covered walkways allow for sheltered entrances and can serve as connections between tents as well. This facilitates the ease of movement for guests between key spaces when there are a lot of activities planned, preventing anyone from getting caught in the rain. If you’re trying to accommodate a large group, sheltered walkways will be necessary to connect multiple tents or marquees so no one has to brave the weather as they move around the venue. It’s also a good idea to stock up on extra umbrellas near the entrances and exits and hand them out to guests who may need to travel a short distance, such as going to the restroom or carpark.

Proper flooring
Finding a venue with hard flooring will ensure maximum comfort underfoot for all the guests in attendance. If not, paying for a full floor along with the tent rentals is another alternative to keep the heels dry and the bride’s wedding gown clean in the event that it rains. A carpeted wooden flooring, for instance, is suited for the outdoors and would go well with a garden wedding theme. If that’s not a viable plan, distributing heel stoppers to the ladies attending the ceremony will help to stop their stilettos from sinking into the soil. A useful tip is to come up with a suitable theme that allows your wedding guests to dress in casual outfits and comfortable footwear.

Plan for wind
When preparing for an outdoor wedding, try not to utilise light fabrics such as chiffon or lightweight materials like paper that could be easily blown away by the breeze. In terms of decor, make sure to tie the tablecloths down to the base of each table to prevent them from flapping in the wind or being swept away. This will give it a sleek, pressed-down look while simultaneously doing away with the hassle of having to place objects on each table to weigh down the tablecloths. The safest option would be enclosing the tents with glass walls that completely block out the wind while ensuring the pristine view outside remains in sight. Don’t forget to ensure the marquee structures are securely anchored in place so there’s no risk of injury even with severe weather.

Food and drinks
If the weather forecast has you worried, go with catering options which are both outdoor-proof and practical. The environment which the food is kept and timing which the meals will be served are key considerations that the caterer has to take note to maintain high food quality. Since it’s in the outdoors, avoid serving up cold foods such as sushi or frozen desserts which are likely to melt unless there is a fridge being catered for it. Also, keep in mind that certain locations don’t allow for there to be an open fire, so do check with your venue provider if live cooking is allowed.

Keep staff in the know
For everything to go according to plan, effective communication between the organizers and event staff is bound to be crucial. Make sufficient preparations so that every member of the staff is well aware of what to do to ensure the wedding ceremony runs smoothly. Have all the staff informed and in the know of plans so that they can take action the moment undesirable weather strikes. In keeping communication channels open, onsite staff can be constantly updated about any changes that may take place and will be able to instantly react even in unpredictable situations.

Most importantly, if it actually ends up raining on your wedding day, don’t get too upset over it. Make the most of it—maybe incorporate it into your wedding theme—but just know in your heart that rain on your wedding day brings good luck as it signifies a lasting marriage. As long as you’re thoroughly prepared, wet weather on the day of your ceremony is hardly going to be enough to spoil such a wonderful occasion.

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