4. Skincare: 3 Ways Allantoin Can Improve Your Skin

In the world of skincare, there are ingredients that have enjoyed constant fame and others that many might not have noticed they are in countless product labels. Allantoin could be a hidden gem that you may not have heard much about before – but it may just be the secret to achieving your skin goals.

What is allantoin?

Scientifically known as aluminum dihydroxy allantoinate, allantoin is extracted from the comfrey plant and contains potent healing and soothing properties. It has been around for a while – for centuries in fact, where the comfrey leaves were used to help alleviate swelling and heal minor skin injuries.

A naturally-existing compound in the body, it can also be found in a variety of plants like chamomile and beets, or be made synthetically – which are still safe and effective for use.

How does allantoin benefit skin?

Allantoin is a versatile ingredient which offers a number of benefits that can multitask and work on your face to improve your skin.

1. Improves skin-healing

Allantoin is great at promoting the renewal of epidermal cell and speeds up wound healing. If you’re suffering from acne scars, it is likely that your skin may also be sensitive too.

Allantoin is gentle enough to help you heal your acne scars without irritating your skin and support cell turnover for healthier skin cells. It is also keratolytic, so it can exfoliate dead skin cells and even out the skin’s surface.

2. Hydrates and moisturises

While allantoin helps to slough away dead skin cells, it is also unlike many exfoliators as it works to help your skin retain moisture. Due to the keratolytic property, it can help to boost the water contents of skin cells and fight against the damage of transepidermal water loss in the dermis layer.

Allantoin also acts as an emollient to prevent dryness and maintain moisture in the skin.

3. Soothes the skin

Allantoin has an additional functionality of being a calming agent to soothe irritation and inflammed skin. It also has been used to treat minor wounds, abrasions and skin ailments like eczema. Allantoin supports the skin’s ability to regenerate itself, stimulate cell proliferation and make way for new healthy tissues.

At the same time, it helps to repair the moisture barrier to counteract dryness. Because allantoin is also highly gentle, it is very friendly towards sensitive skin

Bottom line

Whether you wish to moisturise, soothe, or heal your skin, allantoin is a worthwhile ingredient to incorporate. Get started here and take a look at a couple of our products that contain allantoin!

Our Hudor Hydrate series includes the Hudor Serum which improves your skin elasticity and boosts deep hydration, suitable for dry, dehydrated and sensitive skin. It includes Allantoin which keeps your skin moisturised, and Black Yeast helps improve hydration levels in the skin due to its moisture-retention property. Natto Gum is another key ingredient that supports skin exfoliation of old keratin, brightens skin tone and softens the appearance of fine lines.

Amp up your daily face wash with our Purifying Cleanser that is packed with natural botanical extracts to gently remove impurities and leave a moisturising effect. Formulated with Hops Extract and Sage Leaves, it provides anti-inflammatory and anti-ageing benefits while Aloe Vera and Allantoin work to Moisturise and soothe the skin.

Maintain the health and appearance of your skin with customised facial services that address your skin concerns. We have an ongoing facial package promotion for new customers, at just $480 for 8 sessions (after 7% GST). This oxygen facial infuses a cocktail of vitamins and nutrients to the nourish the skin and includes a deep cleansing and mask treatment step to clear congested pores, reduce fine lines, and improve dry complexion.

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